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Who we are?

If you are looking for a certified translation office, Linguistic Lexicon Legal Translation Office provides the following translation services:

• Certified translation for all types of papers, files, certificates, official and unofficial documents.

• A variety of translation languages for more than 50 languages around the world.

• Experts in translation project management and quality auditors.

• Certified translation and we receive files 24 hours a day.

• Working around the clock to complete tasks required to be delivered on time without delay.

• Approval from official government agencies such as embassies, ministries and authorities, in addition to the approval of private entities.

• Competitive prices and quality work.

Linguistic Lexicon Legal Translation Office also offers translation and localization services to local companies in Sultanate of Oman, as well as international ones, to help them expand and communicate with their audiences around the world through a highly experienced and professional team. To achieve this goal, we have a large team of professional translators in various different fields, each with a full understanding of the terminology and methods used in their specialization, and familiar with all its intricacies and secrets. We serve many sectors such as legal, medical, financial, technical, industrial, marketing, engineering, commercial, and others.

As our primary goal is to meet our clients' requirements and satisfy them, we focus on four axes:

• A collaborative and available management team around the clock ensures your satisfaction with the service at all times.

• A team of multicultural and specialized translators capable of providing the quality our clients expect through our quality assurance plan.

• Expedited completion of urgent tasks through a seamless translation process that ensures the completion of your task.

• Competitive prices compared to market prices with a guarantee not to compromise our quality standards.

Our vision

Our vision is to lead the provision of translation services in the Sultanate of Oman, and for our company to be associated with quality, excellence, and professionalism in the translation industry through the continuous development of our staff and keeping up with the latest developments and innovative technologies in the translation industry.

We provide translation services through our electronic system, and offer competitive prices for translation. It is not necessary to be physically present, as in the current technological era, you can send your files via WhatsApp to save effort and time. We employ more than one translator who professionally translates any text while maintaining context. Our translation prices are very reasonable and economical, ensuring the satisfaction of every client with the results.

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