Document Translation

Our office provides translation services for all official documents, such as IDs, residence permits, driver’s licenses, commercial records, birth certificates, salary certificates, graduation certificates, and many more, to all governmental entities, embassies, and consulates within and outside the country. Our services undergo regular checks and review to ensure that you achieve the desired results as quickly as possible. We also offer translation services from and to all internationally recognized languages at competitive and moderate prices. For example, we offer translation services for documents such as marriage certificates, divorce contracts, service agreements, employment contracts, academic certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, and much more.

At Linguistic Lexicon Legal Translation Office, we provide translation services for all the aforementioned documents with extreme accuracy. Our final proofreaders are given special importance, resulting in a translation free of typographical and printing errors. Our quality control system ensures the proper use of terms in each field, matching the translated text to the original text in terms of meaning, using the optimal linguistic style, and maintaining the consistency of the final text.

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