Literary and Scientific Translation and Student Research Services

Literary and scientific translation is a technical science with its own rules, principles, and regulations. It combines the branches of language both from and into a language. Therefore, at Linguistic Lexicon Legal Translation Office, we strive to convey ideas and statements from one language to another while preserving the spirit of the original text. This can only be achieved through the translator’s complete mastery of linguistic rules, as well as their talent, culture, and educational level. These qualities allow them to unearth and place linguistic treasures in their proper place in the target language. Literary and scientific translation is a crucial factor in facilitating intellectual dialogue with the world around us. It is also a means of achieving communication between peoples. This significant role of translation has prompted Arab universities to incorporate it into their higher education programs and teach it to their students in all scientific and literary fields to keep up with the civilizational progress and literary and scientific development in all areas.

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